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Cummins Inc. Catalyst Engineer 催化剂工程师 (限毕业两年内经验) in Wuhan, China

Catalyst Engineer 催化剂工程师 (限毕业两年内经验)


As a member of the Catalyst Team you will:

  • Lead the catalyst lab operation and equipment management, including reactor system, BET, ovens, ultrasound inspection and borescope detection

  • Data analysis and report for lab test, related digital data of vehicles and engine test.

  • Help internal and external customers understand the risks and advantages associated with each available catalyst or ceramic technology, and how the differing capabilities will interact with the system.

  • Apply industry standard tools like FMEA and 7-step or 8D problem solving methods in failure analysis.Serve as the technical interface with suppliers for catalyst and ceramic products.

  • Develop and maintain familiarity with academic and patent literature and competitive technologies.Become an expert in the production and analysis of catalyst and ceramic materials applied in diesel exhaust aftertreatment environments.

  • Identify and validate new or improved approaches to pollutant elimination either through use of new materials or improved system integration that reduce system weight, size, and cost and improve performance in the field.


  • 负责实验室设备的管理及运营,主要包括排放测试反应器系统,BET,马弗炉,超声检测系统,内窥镜系统;

  • 数据分析和报告总结:试验数据,相关路试和发动机数据;

  • 帮助内部及外部客户了解各种可选用催化剂和陶瓷载体技术的风险与优势,以及各种不同性能与整个系统之间的相互影响;

  • 应用工业标准工具进行失效分析,如FMEA、7-step及8D等问题解决方法;

  • 与供应商在技术层面上进行沟通,完善催化剂、陶瓷产品;

  • 追踪学术创新及市场应用前沿技术;

  • 作为柴油机后处理领域催化剂和陶瓷载体生产及分析方面的专家;

  • 寻找并验证可用于排放处理的新方法及改进的技术,如通过使用新材料、优化系统集成,来降低系统的重量、尺寸和成本,并提升性能。



  • PhD/Master in Chemical Engineering, Catalysis or Materials Science and Engineering;

  • Experimental experience in typical catalyst characterization methodology, equipment operation and techniques;

  • Familiarity with fundamentals of heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering in the areas related to exhaust aftertreatment catalysis;

  • Professional experience and knowledge of ceramic materials, materials processing, micro-cracking, materials physical properties, failure analysis and material test methods;

  • Destructive and non-destructive testing techniques;

  • Effective spoken and written communication skills;

  • Capable of leading / coordinating activities in small development teams. Ability to take action in solving problems while exhibiting sound judgment and a realistic understanding of the issues.


  • 化学工程、催化或材料科学与工程专业博士/硕士;

  • 掌握典型的催化剂表征方法,测试设备操作和技术原理;

  • 熟悉排气后处理催化领域相关的非均相催化和反应工程等基本原理;

  • 在陶瓷材料、材料加工,微裂纹、材料物理性质、失效分析和材料测试方法等方面具有专业经验与知识;

  • 掌握破坏性和非破坏性检测技术;

  • 高效的口头和书面沟通能力;

  • 能够领导/协调小型开发团队的活动。能够参与解决问题,做出准确的判断,对问题有切实的认识。


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, East Asia R&D Center

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Aug 17, 2021, 4:22:17 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Cummins Emission Solutions

Req ID: 210004QX