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Cummins Inc. 2023 Campus Hire - Marketing Specialist 市场营销专员 in Wuhan, China

2023 Campus Hire - Marketing Specialist 市场营销专员


  • Works with marketing teams to provide general marketing support to achieve and exceed business goals

  • 与营销团队合作,提供常规营销支持,以达成和超越业务目标

  • Understands market and industry trends. Participates in new product introduction and existing product change introduction. Responsible for supporting the development and deployment of specific product, price, place and promotional plans for a product line(s) that result in profitable growth

  • 了解市场和行业趋势。参与新产品推出和现有产品变革推出。为实现特定产品线的利润增长,负责为产品、价格、分销和促销相关企划案的制定和部署提供支持

  • Helps to develop marketing plans by preparing basic market research and pricing analyses. Presents data to manager for discussion and interpretation. Works with leaders to develop marketing communication plans; prepares drafts of marketing communications. Provides project management support and communicates plans, deadlines, and achievements to project team members. Learns the role of Marketing on Value Package Introduction project teams as an observer, support other marketing team members with assigned responsibilities. Learns about relevant marketing and sales systems and processes; collects customer satisfaction data to present to manager for discussion and interpretation. Learns relevant channel to support marketing activities

  • 通过准备基本市场调研和定价分析来帮助制定营销计划。向经理提供数据以便讨论和说明。配合领导制定营销沟通计划;准备营销沟通的草案。向项目团队成员提供项目管理支持和沟通计划、截止日期和业绩。了解“价值包引进”项目团队中了解市场营销的角色;支持具有指定职责的其他营销团队成员。了解相关营销和销售系统和流程;收集客户满意度数据并提供给经理以供讨论和说明。了解相关渠道以支持营销活动

  • Understands target market and market competitors; with the Product Manager, plans for and implements an appropriate product range response. Monitors ongoing customer satisfaction and works with the Product Manager to solve ongoing customer issues in relation to the product range. Understands and deploys all aspects of the marketing promotional matrix to ensure the successful launch of new products. Understands available marketing resources and uses those resources appropriately and as needed to support the product range. Develops content product literature with product specifications, cross reference, and other information; develops global training material content. Teams with and collaborates across regions and business units

  • 了解目标市场和市场竞争对手,并与产品经理一同规划和实施恰当的产品系列响应。持续监控客户满意度,并与产品经理一同解决与产品系列相关的不断出现的客户问题。了解和部署营销推广计划的各个方面,以确保新产品的成功发布。了解可用营销资源,并恰当地使用这些资源,并根据需要支持产品系列。制定内容产品资料,包括产品规格、交叉参考和其他信息;与各个区域和业务部门配合和协作


  • College, university degree in Marketing, Sales, Business Administration or a technical (Mechanical Engineering 、 Electronic and Electrical) related subject required

  • 要求具有市场营销、销售、工商管理 或工程技术(机械工程、电子电气)相关专业的本科及以上学历

  • Knowledge of and experience using the four P's of marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement) preferred. Knowledge and work experience(background) of Mechanical Engineering or Electronic and Electrical preferred

  • 具有使用 4P 营销理论(产品,价格,促销和分销)的知识和经验者优先。具有电子电气或机械工程的知识和相关产品工作经验(背景)者优先


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, Cummins Fuel Systems

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Aug 10, 2022, 4:58:37 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems

Req ID: 220005QQ