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Cummins Inc. 2020 Campus Hire - Test Associate Engineer - 测试助理工程师 in Wuhan, China

2020 Campus Hire - Test Associate Engineer - 测试助理工程师


  • Efficiently perform engine development tasks, deliver high quality test data, and complete customer expectations or expected test tasks during work in the test cell.

  • Able to operate AVL bench skillfully and guide technicians work.

  • Complete daily tasks of the Test Cell and coordinate resources

  • Provide high quality test data and ensure validity.

  • Able to independently complete COP, RR, CNG, Endurance and other testing tasks.

  • Understand emission regulations and test standards.

  • Support other related functions tests of CPE, CES, ATI, OBD, and cooperate to analyze the problems.

  • Assist Engineer to ensure the Test Cell maintenance, inspect completeness of records.

  • Assist team leader to maintain environmental hygiene and 5S management in test cell.

  • Able to identify safety risks of operation and undertake certain improvement projects.

  • Support the improvement, upgrade, maintenance and installation of Facilities and Technical Team.

  • 在台架中工作,高效的执行发动机的开发任务,交付高质量的测试数据,以及其它客户期望或项目期望能执行试验任务。

  • 能熟练操作AVL台架,并能培训指导技师工作。

  • 台架日常任务,资源的协调管理

  • 能提供高质量的测试数据,并确保有效性。

  • 能独立的完成COP, RR, CNG, Endurance 等测试任务。

  • 了解排放法规及测试标准 。

  • 能支持CPE , CES , ATI,OBD等相关职能部门试验项目,并就出现的问题配合分析。

  • 协助主管工程师保障台架保养,检查及各项记录完整

  • 能协助班组长保持台架区环境卫生及5S 管理。

  • 有能力识别台架作业的安全风险,并承担一定的改进项目。

  • 支持台架设施,设备部门相关改进,升级,维护,安装等工作。



  • Basic English reading and writing skills.

  • Strong computer operation ability, proficiency in office software, operation software and some engineering software.

  • Understanding the knowledge of engine structure and related process of performance development

  • Understand relevant emission regulations and test standards.

  • Strong executive ability, able to accurately complete the tasks assigned by the department.

  • Strictly abide by the workflow and control the quality of work. Able to find and correct unreasonable workflow and WI.

  • No blindly follow, innovative thinking.

  • Good team spirit for team development and able to pass on, help and bring along together.

  • Command some basic knowledge of measurement to process and analyze data reasonably. Some concepts and methods in statistics should be mastered.

  • Have a certain degree of understanding of AVL test system and structure, basic working principle of instrument and equipment

  • 基本的英语读写能力。

  • 较强的计算机操作能力,对办公软件,台架操作软件,及一些工程软件熟练。

  • 了解发动机结构相关的知识及性能开发的相关流程

  • 了解相关的排放法规及测试标准。

  • 有较强的执行力,能准确完成部门安排的工作任务。

  • 严格遵守工作流程,掌控工作质量。并能发现及修正不合理的工作流程及WI.

  • 有不盲从的心态,工作中能创新思维。

  • 较好的团队精神,团队发展及传,帮,带的能力。

  • 有一些基本的测量方面的知识,对数据能进行合理的处理,分析能力。统计方面的一些概念及方法要掌握。

  • AVL台架测试系统,结构,仪器设备的基本工作原理有一定程度理解。




  • Bachelor degree or above

  • 大学本科以上学历



  • Basic English application ability

  • 基础英文应用能力

Other requirement


  • Good team work spirit

  • 良好的团队协作精神


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, East Asia R&D Center

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Aug 21, 2019, 1:45:48 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Req ID: 190003GF