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Cummins Inc. 2022 Campus Hire-Product Validation Engineer 产品验证工程师 in Chongqing, China

2022 Campus Hire-Product Validation Engineer 产品验证工程师


  • This position focuses on validating the functionality of Cummins’ products across a wide range of customer requirements, across a variety of applications, in various environments;

  • 该职位主要需要验证康明斯产品在各种客户要求、各种应用和各种环境中的功能;

  • Obtains input and negotiates with Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R) stakeholders to define technical requirements and delivers an optimized component-based analytical and experimental verification plan to the program or project team;

  • 与设计验证计划(DVP&R)编写者协商,以定义技术要求,并向项目团队输出优化后的产品分析和验证计划;

  • Investigates and addresses potential component concerns or issues, understands causal mechanisms, recommends appropriate action, owns problem resolution and documents results with guidance from more experienced team members.

  • 在更有经验的团队成员的指导下调查并解决产品潜在的问题,了解失效机制,推荐适当的解决方案,领导问题解决并记录结果;

  • Applies and supports the improvement of processes such as technical requirements, iDFMEA, Engineering Standard Work (ESW), DVP&R, test planning, and problem solving and tools such as Integrity, Microsoft Power BI, and McParts required to support the processes and enable high quality decision making;

  • 支持流程的改进,例如技术要求、iDFMEA、工程标准工作 (ESW)、DVP&R、测试计划和问题解决,以及支持项目流程管控并实现高质量决策的工具,例如 Integrity、Microsoft Power BI 和 McParts;

  • Diesel engine design Integration for High Horsepower Engines:



  • Engine BOM list management

  • Engine parts EJR tracking against design review

  • Engine parts readiness work: make sure all the engine build parts will meet MRD;

  • 大马力柴油发动机设计集成:



  • 发动机物料清单管理

  • 发动机零件EJR跟踪

  • 发动机零件准备工作:确保所有发动机制造零件都符合造机需求;

  • Diesel engine development management:



  • Engine build deviation management: make sure all deviations are captured and well documented before hand over to MFG team

  • Supporting engine manufacturing builds

  • 柴油机开发管理:



  • 发动机制造偏差管理:确保在移交给 MFG 团队之前记录所有偏差

  • 支持发动机制造


  • Product Verification and Validation Management - Develops product systems validation plans from a variety of inputs to identify failure modes, while managing product risk and relative priority; negotiates product requirements against capability to guide project scope; evaluates analytical, simulation and physical test results to verify product capability and validate requirements;

  • 产品验证管控能力:根据各种输入信息制定产品系统验证计划,以识别故障模式,同时管理产品风险和相应的优先级;根据指导项目范围的能力协商产品要求;评估分析、模拟和物理测试结果,以验证产品能力和要求;

  • Product Problem Solving - Solves product problems using a process that protects the customer; determines the assignable cause; implements robust, data-based solutions; and identifies the systemic root causes and recommended actions to prevent problem reoccurrence;

  • 产品问题解决能力:使用利于客户的流程解决产品问题;确定失效原因;实施稳健的、数据支持的解决方案;并确定系统根本原因,并给出防止问题再次发生的建议;

  • Decision quality - Making good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward;

  • 决策质量:做出良好和及时的决策,推动组织发展;

  • Drives results - Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances;

  • 结果导向:即使在艰难的情况下,也能始终如一地取得成果;

  • Good communication and teamwork skills.

  • 良好的沟通及团队合作能力。

  • Good oral and written English skills.

  • 良好的英文口语以及书写能力。


Primary Location China-Chongqing-Chongqing-China, Chongqing, Chongqing Cummins Engine Company

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Aug 16, 2021, 12:55:37 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Req ID: 2100058K